Maximum efficiency and unmatched accuracy

TECNIC is a leading innovator in the realization of laboratory automation. TECNIC delivers these automated systems with training, support and service on-site.

The versatile range of machines allows TECNIC to offer solutions which are tailored to the approach and requirements of its clients, avoiding unnecessary adjustments in their specific laboratory processes. The fully automated modules of TECNIC eliminate the need for manual operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and unmatched accuracy and consistency of tests and results. In addition, the modular approach allows for extension of capabilities, once the requirements change towards the future.

Our Automated Solutions
  • Processing 100% of the samples in one flow
  • Cost saving on disposables
  • 24/7 operational
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • OEE of >80%
  • Minor margin of error
  • Short ROI

Our Software
  • Touch screen interfaces
  • Stock management of disposables/consumables
  • Calibration of dispensers and XYZ systems
  • Remote access
  • Logging
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Modular systems: Screen for total overview systems
  • Data exchange with LIMS